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Take a jab at this nifty Narwhals T-Shirt. It will certainly appease your eco-friendly friends, neighbors or co-workers. The narwhal is the sea’s unicorn fish, whose magical horn has been known to cure baldness, solve math and provide free Wi-Fi for fellow fisherman. Don’t poke fun, either! Put on this impressive shirt, designed by Tami Alba, and perhaps you’ll be mistaken as the aquarium’s fish expert! (Especially now that you actually know what a narwhal is!)

  • 100% Cotton
  • Pre-shrunk, Medium weight
  • Relaxed fit, Regular
  • Unisex, Regular

Dyed using organic dyes with designs printed with soft, non-toxic water-based inks.

When you first receive your garment we recommend washing in cold water alone or with like colors. Since your shirt was hand-dyed it will continue to bleed some excess color for the first few washes. It is safe to use normal detergent, just make sure to avoid bleach. Your Tee should be dried either in a tumble dryer or flat, not hung as the weight of the water will cause the cotton to stretch.